image description:

White mirroring realm logos wave slowly across a black background.
The logos are line drawings featuring an open eye in the center of a hand, a nose and lip on the left under the thumb and an ear on the right.

Realm is devoted to fulfilling personal encounters and sensory impressions with a focus on neurodivergent frames.

The project uses tools from visual art, design, somatic practice and performance to develop objects, environments, and facilitation. 

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︎Void Spa
︎Personal Lexicon
︎Visible Lexicon



︎Stim Library

︎Asemic Palace


Void Spa

Void Spa is an immersive installation which will invite participants into several black boxes (Rubble grid, Noise Bath, Trash Burial) that replicate a contemplative cave experience with darkness and harsh ambient sound. This project examines how rites develop within post-industrial subcultures, especially through sensory design. It also troubles extractive and appropriative use of Black and Brown spirituality within luxury wellness. The pieces of our protected or disrupted traditions are still alive in their syncretic adaptations and media representations.

Image Description:

two aerial views of black floor plans rendered with software.
In the top illustration, a doorway leads into a small chamber with a stone platform. In a larger conjoined chamber, a person is reclining on a platform. 
Directly below, a person stands next to the stone platform in another view of the same space.


Personal Lexicon

The Personal Lexicon card deck is a tool for discovery generated from the internal mythology of the user. 

Cards are tools to cultivate self knowledge, ritual practice and social connection.

Decks are generated through a 1 or 3 month long facilitation of sensory research. 

Image Descriptions:

Top Image:  
An arc of black bridge-sized cards rests on a light wood table. Two light skinned hands emerge from a black sweatshirt with short, bare nails.
The hand on the left is pulling one card away from the spread. On the chest of the sweatshirt, there is a white rectangular logo that reads ‘realm’ in thin white lettering.

Bottom Image:
Two light skinned hands with short bare fingernails each hold half of a split deck of cards. The hand on the left reveals a white card that reads ‘realm’ in black serifed type. The hand on the right has a bent index finger on a black card, preparing to bridge shuffle.


Visible Lexicon

The Visible Lexicon cards are a minimal illustrated deck of cards inspired by Rorschach, gesture drawing, memory games and playing cards. Free of any narrative or numerical content, they can be used however the user decides. 

Image Descriptions:

Top Image:
Four black lines cross on a white background. Each line is wavy like the surface of water or a meandering breeze

Bottom Image:
Continuous black lines cross to form alternating sharp angles and rounded sides like fruit. At the top of the mirroring shape, sharp corners jut upward like incomplete arrows. The shape rests on closed points



Ritual/Routine/Regime is an endurance auto-performance and archival process. With every change of the season (solstice/equinox), a new set of three workbooks guides the practice of everyday life. Each workbook has three section with prompts to document financial habit, diet, lunar cycle, creative work, household chores, wardrobe, self edification, physical practice and card reading.

Image Descriptions:

Three graphic symbols in vertical alignment feature an open eye, a clock with hands at approximately 14:00 and an unshaded flag with a wave implying movement



Hyphae is a mobile platform for intrapersonal & interpersonal regulation. The platform has three primary functions: 

1. organize tasks, ideas, needs, interests and resources

2. support users’ navigation of routines or projects based on energy level, attention span, pain scale, emotional threshold and motivation

3. Coordinate support and care among intimate clusters of users

Image Description:

5 irregular yet soft red orbs with purple shade orbit around a diagonal lavender thread in front of a deep purple background. 


Fantasy Fruits
Day Dreamers

Fantasy Fruits 4 Day Dreamers is a forthcoming workshop series for supporting creative practice with dream matrices. 
Groups of oneironauts will construct projects based on messages, images, ideas and inventions from dream space.

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Stim Library

Stim Library is a collection of  handheld self stimulation toys available for public use. Stim toys are selected and designed for durable body safe materials and novel sensory qualities. 

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Asemic Palace

Asemic Palace is a ritualized, non-verbal play score. Play within this structure emphasizes imaginative self-expression, dynamic world-building and tender witnessing. Melding the spontaneous joy of childhood games with the sophistication of adult nuance, the project aims to recontextualize sensuality beyond sexual acts.

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